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Bernadette Evans


Bernadette Evans Astrology

Hi and welcome to my page. I’ve been a practicing astrologer for over 10 years. I have studied with many teachers over the years and continue to enroll in classes to expand my knowledge. I’ve always been interested in learning more about myself and others and why we do what we do. I started studying tarot in 2000 and love to give readings with the cards. I’m also registered with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association as a registered professional counselor, as well as with the EFT and Mindfulness Training Center as an EFT practitioner. I am also trained in Hypnotherapy.

I enjoy sitting down with my clients, finding out what’s going on for them and providing some guidance. I use all the tools (at my disposal) (that I have been working with over the years) to provide some clarity. I’m also intuitive, empathic as well as organized.

I spoke at the Alberta Astrology conference in 2018 as well as given talks on the Moon (one of my favorite subjects)!

I have been writing the astrology column “Cosmic Daily Weather” for Conscious Community Magazine for 3 years. If you’re interested in having the column directly sent to your email, click the link.


I offer a variety of services. Whether you choose an astrology or tarot reading; a counselling session, Eft, or Hypnotherapy, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and tools to assist you in moving forward confidently.

We can meet in person or over Zoom or on the phone.


Appointments and payments can be made by contacting me at or by clicking on the button.

Astrology Readings

Astrology Reading for new clients – approx. 90 minutes – $210

It all starts with your natal chart, the moment you were born. This is the celestial blueprint of when you first arrived on the planet and took your first breath. It tells a fascinating story. The purpose of this reading is to know yourself better. It will help you uncover your strengths and challenges and how best to work with them. I’ll also look at what’s happening for you right now (by way of transits and progressions) and any other areas that you’re interested in.

astrology readings alberta

Annual Forecast 60-75 minutes – $110

This reading is for returning clients who already know their birth chart. Your natal chart will never change, but the planets are always moving, which adds another dimension to your chart. During this reading I will be looking at what’s happening for you over the next 12 months by looking at your transits, progressions and solar return. I will help you understand which areas of your life are highlighted, and how best to work with the energies.

tarot card readings alberta

Tarot readings ½ hour – $50.00
1 hour – $90.00

A person usually comes for a reading when they’re experiencing difficulties in their life. A tarot reading can bring you some clarity. I’ll do my own tarot spread and discuss what I see happening. After that, you’re welcome to ask some questions which I can pull cards for.

Astrology Readings

Counseling Sessions – $110.00

I’m a registered counselor with the CPCA. I work with clients who feel anxious, stressed, depressed, angry as well as some who are experiencing post-partem depression. Everyone is going through something and we all see through our own lens. I’m here to listen, be supportive, and offer you some tools to support you on your journey. You can visit my profile on Psychology Today.

Contact me prior to booking a counselling session. As a registered counsellor I answer to a governing body; and as such, you’ll need to fill out a client intake form. All client information is strictly confidential. 

Emotional Freedom Twchnique

Eft and Counseling Sessions – $110.00

Eft is short for Emotional freedom technique. Its a technique that can ease the stress in your body/mind by tapping on certain acupressure points on your body. These points help calm the nervous system down while we talk and tap. Eft has been shown to be effective in managing stress and assisting you in moving through challenging times. I’m an accredited eft practitioner with the EFT and Mindfulness Center.

Contact me prior to booking a counselling session. As a registered counsellor I answer to a governing body; and as such, you’ll need to fill out a client intake form. All client information is strictly confidential. 

Hypnosis and Regression

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression – $110.00

Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool to use for learning to relax. Its also useful to help change patterns of behaviour, such as difficulties with sleeping or modifying eating patterns. Suggestions may be effective to help you achieve the results you want. Clients often want a past life regression session because they’re curious. Past life regressions can be so much more than that. Having one could help you understand how a situation you’re experiencing now could be related to a time, or an event from your past. There are never any guarantees where you will go when you have a past life regression. Your subconscious will take you where you need to go.


Astrology Testimonials

Ms Evans is very empathetic and intuitive with her clients. She has a lot of depth of experience and education to glean her advice from. Her compassion and understanding helped to give me the confidence, I needed to see my way through some difficult times.

Ivy L.

Astrology Testimonials
​Bernadette blew my mind with my astrology session! She was insightful, clear and the time she took explaining each detail of the extensive report made it such a wonderful experience. You will leave with a greater sense of knowing who you are and will gain tools to live your best authentic life. With her huge heart you are guaranteed an amazing session!

Kynidi Fraser

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